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UTU Local 418:


Ft. Worth meeting audio. 1 2 3 4 (labor relations q & a re-uploaded 08/25/14)

UTU PAC, Investing for the future:

If you are not already contributing to UTU PAC, please start. It is important for your future and the future of your family, your job and your union to support those who stand up for you. The railroads have now forced us to take our fight with them to the Halls of Congress and other areas besides the bargaining table. With each of your help we can successfully accomplish our goal. For a UTU PAC application click HERE. Print out an application, complete it and give a copy to your local treasurer.

Buy union, buy American:

Everyone in America stands to benefit when we buy American. Regardless of which side of the political fence you reside, we all have an interest in supporting American workers – both union and non-union. Before you buy, please determine if your merchandise is Union Made or Made In The U.S.A. Click HERE for information.

Furloughed employees:

Employee and dependent health-care coverage will continue through the fourth month following the month which you last provided compensated service, or received vacation pay (provided the vacation pay was received prior to the date of your furlough). Thus, if you are furloughed in January, coverage would continue through May.